Geotechnical Engineering Department of Civil Engineering, KMUTT

Large-size consolidation tank
- designed for consolidation test with PVD
- capable to apply vacuum through PVD
- adjustable negative pressure
- test data recorded by automated system

Jet grouting chamber
- capable to simulate jet grouting in laboratory scale
- capable to be installed with a number of jet grouting columns
- equipped with a number of pore pressure transducers
- test data recorded by automated system

Calibration chamber
- designed to be multifunctional (e.g., plate load test, pile load test, cone penetration test, pile capacity, FWD test)
- equipped with reference beam for installation of measuring devices
- adjustable reacting beam for installation with various types of equipment
- test data recorded dynamically by automated system

Automated data acquisition system
- advanced programmable loading history
- advanced feedback controlling system
- automated data recording system with no time-lag between channels
- equipped with strain amplifiers for precise measurement

Physical Model